Friday, April 24, 2015

I am bing nation

an amicable separation
I had been with google for a long time

 bye goog , hello bing



zonedin said...

Oh I thought you were talking about cherries.:-/

rivercat said...

i guess being an east coast hermit I never thought about bing cherries.
They may call them something else or
dont have them as much on the east coast, I dont know but from looking them up I bet they taste good. I like cherries

zonedin said...

Yes, Rivercat, they are the best cherries! It's only a two-week season. They come from Washington state. Look for them in stores sometime in mid June. But Costco often has them when they come in season. I can't imagine, however, the growers can produce enough to supply every Costco, so it might be only on west coast. I do have a Cherry tree, but I must battle the birds in order to get a few. I was able to salvage one bowl of them last year. Blue Jays will strip the tree in one night. I have to beat them to it!