Tuesday, March 24, 2015

a truth about here and now

moved by shadows
not love
through circumstances

even knowledge
pressed with promise
full of  what I see living my life
with fingers
and teeth

into all that
is and  isn't



zonedin said...

Here and now in reverse is "now here" or in other words "nowhere"

rivercat said...

that is very interesting.
I was wondering if you have any crazy
neighbors where you are. A new person
moved a few houses away and is calling the cops on everyone for rediculous infractions. The once quiet neigborhood has become all agitated and a petition is being drawn up to ask the landlord ( this family rents the house) to not let him renew the lease. I have never met him but he has called the cops on me for starting my car twice so I know hes crazy. The cops say they have to answer the calls. My cross the street neighbor had the cops come because he spit tobacco in the street and the nextdoor person had the cops come for parking in the wrong direction on the street and for making noise/ ( leaf blower)

zonedin said...

Wow! That is Nutz! I feel for you. There is something very wrong with that person. Hypersensitivity to noise or something. But really, have they ever considered communicating their issues on their own instead of wasting the PD's time on such petty issues? Or maybe they need a hobby of their own like sandblasting rock sculptures or taking up the drums. If you can't beat them, join them;-)