Sunday, January 18, 2015

Don't dawdle

why dawdle or rush into it
allow the process to end the process
and let it all run together




zonedin said...

Hey you! What's up? Why you dawdling? Or rushing? How is your 2015 going so far? I am amazed how fast the time is zooming past my brain. I can't even keep up with it. I'm a slow thinker. I like to be in my own time. Luckily I have a holiday tomorrow so I can do whatever pleases me. Wish it could be like that everyday. I think I will take a stretch class and get fish tacos. Wanna join me?

rivercat said...

if i had known fish tacos were served at stretch classes i would have looked into that long ago. I am on holiday this year. I'm trying to think of why i thought calling college "universtiy" seemed so strnage to me years ago and now it came to me that it was because college was used more then and now university is sometimes used here ( this is a working theory, i dont really know if saying " i was at university" is ever said here or there lol..)

zonedin said...

You are fortunate to be in holiday! Wish I could just be retired, although teaching my classes are a pleasure this year. I've heard it said in movies "I'm going to University" I did go to a University but I called it "going to college" I think in the old days Highschool level was considered University. But it does have the root word "Universe" in it... Perhaps it was called that because you were going to learn or find the answers to the Universe? There must be some things that differentiate colleges from Universities... Perhaps dormitories or perhaps the extent of research performed there? Kinda like deciphering between a town or city. Good question! :-D

zonedin said...

PS. We have the best fish tacos and stretch classes in this town!;-)