Saturday, August 23, 2014

post needed

we used to say
what's the word I'm looking for

like when you think you know
but still can't remember
A name

Something is about
this that's missed

Separate in  Andromeda



Shadow said...

Names? Ha! I useless. Your face, however,.....

zonedin said...

I'm finding this happening to me a lot more lately. I like that thought of my mind being in outer space somewhere. It's always been in the clouds, just venturing higher now:-)

rivercat said...

do you do crossword puzzles to keep sharp? I dont because of the adhd.
I finally have diagnosed myself and am content with thinking I have both ADHD or whatever the adult one is and chronic fatigue syndrome. I think both are acceptable conditions to survive with and I dont care to take medicine besides some booze or smoke once in awhile. Funny how they say a drink a day is good for the heart now. I probably average about 4 black russians a week but i use 2 percent milk instead of cream.

zonedin said...

I'm too flitty to do crosswords or sudoku type activities. I can't even sit down, because it hurts my spine to sit I just keep active or I lay flat on my back which really feels good. Then I fall asleep, anywhere, anytime. They say I have mild sleep apnea. I can have fully caffeinated coffee and fall asleep in a couple minutes if I get horizontal. But my doc said I should go ahead and put half and half in my coffees. She said it's actually better for me than the lowfat milks. I use lattes as an afternoon snack. Love them...I think some Kahlua would be really nice;~))