Sunday, June 15, 2014


Counting the branches
in space
between thoughts

I no longer need words


 older and deeper than
what lies between us

He woke near a window
drowning in light

with  ocean
and a fake looking sky

 i count on my tears to jump the fence and
 free my imprisoned smile



Shadow said...

Much more interesting than another selfie.

zonedin said...

Beautiful Rivercat! I feel like I no longer have words, I am imprisoned inside my own mind, but finding ways to have fun. I hope you are well:-)

rivercat said...

hi shadow, thanks for visiting.

hi zoned hope the summer is nice in your neck of the woods. It is hotter than normal where I am

Whatever said...

the sky was always too pretty to be real,
And gravity some downers Idea of a joke

but at the end of those branches
the leaves are laughing

closer than your own nose
vanilla insensed

and a Picasso Picture I painted
with what I thought I heard.


zonedin said...

Hi Rivercat! I'm doing ok. Still working on getting my health in order, but porgressing. I do love the weather in my neck of the woods! Summertime is the best! I've been doing some road trips and catching as much live music as I can. I hope you are doing well. The closest I'll be to your neck of the woods is in August when I visit a friend in Cape Cod. Then it will be back to work for another ten months. Blessings and love sent your way <3

rivercat said...

Oh yes that is nice vacation area ...Great place to visit someone , have fun :)