Sunday, May 4, 2014

thermal tounament

To the vastness and truth
of who we are

I wait in an
unfolding now blue sky
warm born inside
as early spring

 light comes down through  the gaps
amid this morning  like silence
through the high windows cut out of light
Inside the constant embrace  
aren't  you

thoughts that are
where a heart  belongs
bring memory to space, sparrows and time



zonedin said...

I do like this "thoughts that are where a heart belongs bring memory to space, sparrows and time"

I love the sparrows! Aren't they noisy this year. Our birds are crazy, but it's not the blue jays and crows as much as the little ones, being so noisy in the mornings. The cats go crazy on the balcony wishing they could fly so high. I have large oak trees and the birds remain very high up there.

I hope you are enjoying some nice weather days. I just love spring moving into summer and we can leave all the windows open.

rivercat said...

hi zoned,
i like to leave my windows open too for the rare cool air that will be gone for florida soon, but so do the carpenter ants unfortunately. happy spring to you

zonedin said...

I've only been to Florida in October, it is very warm, moist and lotsa big bugs...then there are the gators! But I thought the area was very beautiful!

rivercat said...

its inexpensive to live in florida, that's the real reason I stay here because im frugal ( cheap and stingy)

Whatever said...

On The Losing side of the Globe,
things get colder, darker, softer, stiller

The turtle doves cosy in on stripped branches
The sun still rises
again and again.

It's not getting late
not early
the seasons turn under and about

I'm listening with my mouth open
I'm waiting for something and anything and Everything to mean me.