Monday, March 24, 2014


to circle round
like a balloon

in the quiet space between

 In world
 blind wind
 with  birds
 dawn and camouflage



Whatever said...

these are the words we need to mean so much more than we can ever say.
wind doesn't need eyes to breathe it all in. xo

zonedin said...

is this what vulnarianism means?

rivercat said...

vulerianism , yes
I tried to describe it but no matter what it is, it seems overly tied to the concept of vulnerability.
I don't know who Vulner was but
he was probably very vulnerable.
At this moment im not sure what vulnerable means

zonedin said...

Maybe vulnerable means when you want something that you know is not good for you....or when something that is not good for you takes advantage of your depends where we want to place the blame?