Saturday, September 14, 2013

who wins tonight

as shadows disappear
into the shadow residing
in the feathering edges
of reasons given in to

the wind slowly
dissolving me

I find you far off
into a godless sky
and my heart quickens
with possiblity
burned into me

is this passing image here
inside the interruption

the still wanting
the simple price
of transformation

as a tree still
I feel the birds listen
as your soul sings
in my heart
It's just a funny thing
love does
to straighten
out the universe



Whatever said...

beautiful this is sweet genius. xo

zonedin said...

Oh man! This is so beautimous!

zonedin said...

Too bad they don't have a "poke" option here;-)

rivercat said...

I never understood the poke and poke back and I don't go on facebook anymore but it is just to say hello back and forth I would guess or is it more than that?

zonedin said...

Yes, it is just a way to let people know you are thinking of them..but it should not be overdone or you might annoy the other person;~)) I only poke very rarely, but when I do I go crazy.