Sunday, August 18, 2013

When you were born

when you were born the souls of the planets
moons and sun
stopped and rearranged
themselves in a special pattern
that kisses your neck gently
along your collarbone
one by one



zonedin said...

This is precious!

Whatever said...

someone must have been making out
hot and heavy
with many an astronomical body
and time conceived
True Love concealed
in living & breathing,
crying shame of a miracle.

rivercat said...

thank you for the comments :)

I had to look up twerking today, that is how out of touch i am. and
after finding out what it is i guess i was lucky to not know.
it seems like a good exercie though to firm the buttocks

zonedin said...

Is that like kegel excercises?

rivercat said...

not really, i think that is more internal. twerking looks more sexual and visual up and down and side to side but mostly girls up and down in a semi squatedposition repeatedly to music

Rosita Anderson said...

A hundred thousand poets I've probably read and have yet to find one whose work I enjoy more than yours

zonedin said...

Oh. I never heard of that:-)

rivercat said...

hi rosita, thanks for the kind words. :)