Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Scene From Pages One

fall  whispers 
like a determined
trip or a place I can't name
born into dreams that drift
things I'm afraid of  
beige waves 
planted in opposite quadrants of the earth



Whatever said...

these lines we draw make no sense
not to the earth, that keeps on turning up into down, light into dark and the other way round.

nor our names to the time who does not care if you call it two or twelve o'clock, saturday or tuesday.

just this, just now, just here, just things, just everything, all at once, terrifying but exciting, just life, just alive, just live.

zonedin said...

I was born a dreamer and soon found out that lonliness is just the pleasure of my own company.. But it's nice to find someone interested in your dreams.

rivercat said...

hi whatever, very nice thoughts,nice to see you again

hi zoned, very true about lonliness and dreams