Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The big inning

This stream has stretched
into an ocean
into the widest of seas

the beginning how one can be
faintly bright
in this darkness
walking through 
the city of big innings



I Romanticize said...

Love it :-)

zonedin said...

I don't watch baseball much, but I enjoy going to an actual Giants game. Being there is so much more thrilling than observing on tv. Its the same with living life. I don't watch tv at all.

rivercat said...

hi romanticize, thnx

hi zoned
I don't have cable

zonedin said...

That's nice. There is so much real life to experience...good and bad. I love to think I create my own show. Sometimes it feels like I'm already in the nine inning of the game, but then I think "I can't be! I'm not that old!" But not knowing what's in store for me, is the tough part. So my mid life is death all around. Even my Kitty from the box died a few months ago. He was very young and now another 20 year old boy who is my friend's son. I don't know if others are experiencing this increase in death surrounding them?

zonedin said...

You know I think I might have just got this one? "Big inning" is like "beginning" ... Am I close?