Saturday, June 22, 2013

at the edge of the thought of meditation

the truth beneath the sky
evolves across a
distance of light
and again this

rising and falling in stillness and quiet
just as you do

what practice
leaning back slightly
it's okay to
remind my ears 
I lessen 
senses gone
so way inside me that I can't end this


zonedin said...

I have come to love the stillness and quiet inside of me. I don't even use my ipod anymore on walks. But sometimes its quite busy inside me, but still quiet.

rivercat said...

yes, I sold my mp3 player collection on ebay. I had 12 players, some ipods. The wirs alone are annoying enough to stop using them but youre right, I think if you need one to walk you might want to rethink that. Mp3 was a fad in a way, now smartphones has taken over.
I got rid of all my phones and tablets and only have a desktop now and I cleaned out my whole house of junk I didn't need. I feel a lot better now.

zonedin said...

Wow! That's great! I wish I could reach that point of simplifying. I will eventually, I see it in my near future:-)

rivercat said...

I can always start collecting again if I ever want to once I get rid of all the crap. I notice that people will pay a lot still for junk so its a good time to do it