Friday, May 3, 2013

The day after: Switching from an iphone to the Galaxy s4

I din't know what would happen

after the unboxing
I notice it weighs less
 delicate yet earthy

someone asked     What do you have there
in a strange deep imaginative way
but I can no longer answer

 now I am a galaxy s4




Raajii said...

:). Cute. But why would anyone want to go back to anything else after the iphone? :)

rivercat said...

because things change so I embrace the changes and feel good as they come and go.
This new galaxy phone is amazing and i know what an iphone is like having had one for 2 years. Samsung and apple are both fine with me, so I just pick from what i like most as they fight it out and bring more fun to the consumer

Anonymous said...

Gгeеtingѕ! Very hеlpful аdvіce in thiѕ рartіculаг ρost!
Ӏt is the little chаnges that ргoԁuce the largest сhangеs.
Τhankѕ foг shаring!

Herе is my blog;

zonedin said...

I think you can draw art with that? Am I correct?

rivercat said...

hi zoned, i have the galaxy 8 for that. It has a new chip inside that is the first stylus that acts like a pencil. I love charcoal and pencil and markers but i have to keep up with the technology too.
the note 8 is a tablet like the ipad i guess. I remember how awkward they were to use a few years ago. I had one and it was worthless but they sure have made them better!

the s4 is great for internet browsing especially if you dont like small screens. I dont like small screens so it was perfect size for me but to actually draw on i need something closer to the size of a papaer or something.

I would prefer to live back as an american indian 5 thousand years ago but im stuck here so i do buy some gadgets now and then

zonedin said...

I have a hard time changing to new devices when the one I have serves me well, but then when I do change, I find that I do enjoy it afterall. I would have enjoyed simpler times I believe because I just love to be outside observing the world around me.. Something that doesn't happen as much with more and more technology.