Tuesday, May 7, 2013

On Something

Now I don't understand
about making a living or
 how so many do it

I just laughed, felt down then I laughed
again at something

So feelings change I thought
and I feel good and bad at the same time
I want to feel X way
You want to always feel good or neutral
all the time and
you don't like feeling bad
You can feel a little bad
or not think about it when you re busy
with something else.

"I will never smile again" I think, and
that brings a laugh



zonedin said...

I keep saying "I'm never gonna laugh again." But I do. I love to laugh:-D I think I can laugh when I feel bad too, but it lightens the bad feeling. Sometimes I cry when I laugh and it's real tears. The kind that come from sadness. I love that Charlie Chaplin quote "Life is a tragedy up close, but a comedy in long shot."

rivercat said...

i am trying to understand what feeling bad sometimes is about,\that is a great quote,, as a child i disliked charlie chaplin but now i respect him. what a strange and intereting time it always is.