Thursday, May 9, 2013

air fall

in each year and out
the other
no one
now is the old who

waiting in the wake  
of always feeling
voices sparkling with eyes  
bursting through air time after all 



zonedin said...

I'm falling like a feather in the wind.

rivercat said...

that is a nice thing I hope.
Ive been having nightmares lately
all alone in the house makes them worse. I woke up
last night after a horrible nightmare and said to myself its about time
for a happy dream and luckily got back to sleep but didnt dream anything.

zonedin said...

I'm sorry about the nightmares. It's good that it went away. Sometimes I tell myself to turn around and yell at the beastly dream. It's worked in the past. I have pretty good dreams usually. It's the waking that is hard sometimes. Today my big fluffy kitty did not show up for breakfast and he usually sleeps with me, so I'm really worried:-/

zonedin said...

Sounds like you could use a visit from the BFG to gallop off to Florida and blow a splendid phizzwizard in your ear tonight. I will pray for this~,~