Tuesday, March 26, 2013

a second poem ever written

She sweetens us
and he in whom love grows inside
allowing him an escape from
uninvolved idolatry 

her lines are always soft
and they cast through
magestic shadows

His fluid lines
formed slowly
as in a time gone by when the
moon that swims so peacfully
in the river swam frantically
beseiged then left in a hypnotic
conversation in rhythm
with the earth

Her rhapsodic signature
a last mesmeric kiss
that ripened him
breathtakingly beautiful
she is the glow in all darkness
enkindling our flames to fire.



zonedin said...

So beautifully written. I am trying to picture what "she" is.

Whatever said...

fluorescent with that dying flame
time itself stops and stares
frame by frame
a thousand eyes
ten thousand songs
and words spoken in dreams
that I never quite heard
like this

rivercat said...

hi zoned, that is about the moon and earth more or less. it was something i wrote last year i think and found on the computer
the other day.

hi whatever, thanks for the nice words.

zonedin said...

Hope you've had a nice Easter day. We had thunderstorms.. But still nice. Thank you for the explanation. You have a wonderful way with words. Science in my classroom lately has been about the Earth, Moon and stars;-).

Anonymous said...

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