Saturday, March 23, 2013


 to feel as the dreams
close you up

to give the
sea warming rain

and on some days
kept dawn's secret quiet

this too
A wind soft
  singing through and through




zonedin said...

Lovely. It reminded me that I have been having very intricate dreams lately and they are very lovely but mine, all mine. I considered talking about them, but have decided to keep them for myself, so they remain precious. Perhaps I'm too chicken to share for fear that others will criticize or ruin the pleasant feelings. It doesn't matter what others think, but I don't need them to rain on my dreams.

rivercat said...

yes, best keep them to yourself if you think someone will ruin them.
Since my mom passed away Ive been in a fog. Im tyring to do the best I can but it isnt easy. Writing is hard still. My large family is a huge cast of strange characters ... only my mom and I got along really well. Oh well.
Time will hopefully takes its toll on my grief.