Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why I am voting for Obama on election day

1. I think women who don't want an abortion should be free, as they are now, to have their baby, especially if they think God has planned it out, and that life is sacred even in a case of rape. However, to impose these views on someone who believes differently by making abortion  illegal is wrong, and an act of violence against women IMO.
2. The defense of marriage act is discriminatory. I am not gay but think gays should be allowed the same rights and privileges granted married couples.
3.  I don't feel that a Romney administration would help the economy or the deficit. His notion of dramatic defense spending increases while cutting back on a few social programs is irresponsible and dangerous.
4. Romney has John Bolton on his staff along with many other Bush era Neocons. There are many problems in the world and these are the wrong people to try and solve them. Romney still thinks invading Iraq was the right thing to do.



deeps said...

i guess the opposition too would have some good news to share ha?

zonedin said...

I agree. I wish it would have been Hillary that we were reelecting but I must support the Democrats because it fits my ideology best. My ballot is already sent and I feel pretty good about my choices. I'm happy to have the right to vote.

rivercat said...

Oh well, hillary is a good candidate for 2016
...that sounds very far away but really isnt

BPDinNYC said...

Agreed, agreed, agreed, agreed. Thank you!

zonedin said...

I can't wait till the elections are over anyway and we can just get back to surviving each and every day as we always have and always will.