Sunday, October 7, 2012

Universal choir

Like how the
rain sings to the birds
its repeating chorus

like how the night looks
out at the stars



zonedin said...

You know I sing in a chorus...and now that I read this I just realized that I was so busy doing work for my class that I forgot tonight was choir practice.
I love how my ordinary unspecial voice can add to others and make a beautiful song. I have always been meant to work together with others.

Whatever said...

that song found me,
surrounded me,
and drowned inside me long ago.

mhairi! said...

Stars steal eyes
Attention diversion

Those captured hearts
Locked in cages
Spotting constellations

Missed your wisdom x

rivercat said...

hello all :)

thanks for your interesting thoughts and comments. been busy and have a hard time thinking what to say lately
so strange sometimes I dont understand anything i read or write, I have stopped reading books altogether and wonder if ill ever read another ..luckily my artwork and my art business is still fun