Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the dry quality of light

All the light touches
makes this your touch
words parked and left behind 

what was said
delicately learning to believe in nothing
from the vibrating 
moisture of
images swept away like flesh

what is happening is larger than 
nature dreaming
and everything 
lost in the chaos between here and there
is frozen in stone as this silent heart
still vibrates



zonedin said...

I used to think life was going to be so wonderful, but here it is in the last act and I can't say that much of it has been wonderful....just maybe a glimpse of fleeting moments that sped up my heart and gave it a tingle. I'm really disillusioned by it all.

rivercat said...

i keep my expectations low, so when good things happen im pleasantly surprised. Everybody is different and all life philosophies are valid, even "crazy" or "bad" ones imo.
thanks for commenting :)

Nadya Booyse said...

love this, especially the last stanza...

zonedin said...

I've heard of that strategy. Is that working for you? I try to not expect wonderfulness out of anything, I just wish I'd be surprised more often. This week has been really horrible, though I've made some other peoples' lives easier.
Something has got to change soon.

rivercat said...

i expect everything to be horrible, depressing, and all things short of making me kill myself. I don't know what would make me do that thankfully.
my dad used to tell me feeling are like the stock market, they always are changing and sometimes crash but over the long term reach all time highs again and again.

zonedin said...

That's a good way to describe it. I was told by my college English professor that every once in a while you might get lucky enough to feel euphoric as if everything is right with the world, but if you are lucky enough to ever feel that then embrace it quickly because it will not last long. I didn't get it at 24, but I do now.

zonedin said...

As for what would drive me to suicide..I think the only thing that could do that is if I felt like a prisoner and no way out. Because if I just found myself alone, that would not bother me. I love my own company:~)