Sunday, August 26, 2012

sunlight remembered at night

lifting leaping
souls stretch past the world
feeling things unknown

peeking at
the dream
we bring each other a new day

as the pillars of night slowly fall
and its arches crumble to the escaping sea




Anonymous said...

jesus, where does it all come from. it's like magic! :D

rivercat said...

alien possession i hope.
thanks for stopping by

Madhulika said...

aaahhhaaa.. loved the lines
"peeking at
the dream
we bring each other a new day"

Nicely penned down :)

Whatever said...

nature is indeed amazing,
from the beat of 6 billion hearts
to the earth spinning madly through space
who could believe all of it were true?

zonedin said...

Its that promise of a new and glorious day that keeps me waking up in the morning. Beautiful words!