Wednesday, August 8, 2012

born secretly

Cutting open through the sky
night tides fly
up up and regaining balance

  And after the sky
moving between   the lines
  The broken open awoken
emptied selves of ourselves 
 blue and blind as the sky



zonedin said...

I've been reading this over and over and I think I like that part of the "broken open awoken emptied selves of ourselves" the best;~)

Whatever said...

The sky see's everything
she has no eyes to close
and nowhere else to look away.

You think your secrets are yours alone
but she rides your every breath
and there is no where left to hide.

zonedin said...

Even as a little kid I have always felt like I am completely exposed and watched from above. I always thought it was God or Jesus and i would sing to him as if he heard me. I still feel this is true but sometimes I call it the Universe.