Monday, July 16, 2012

to the higgs boson

If you don't have the time by all means 
please go on without me
I can empty myself of everything but time
It lays beside my soul quietly passive

like the sky's pressure building
slowly  inside our painted landscapes

scrape off the paint you said once 
and then there's nothing   
as nothing knowing nothing

If this is true 
I can wonder,
Looking into your eyes
worth the feeling
the soft length of your

like the night gently
pushing across the sky



zonedin said...

I don't get the title, but I think I understand some of the verses. I like "the soft length of your fingers" and "the nightly gently pushing across the sky"

rivercat said...

yes, it doesnt make sense. I just couldnt think of a good title.

Amber Alchymist said...

this is beautiful. i am going to link it to a couple of friends actually :)))

zonedin said...

Well that makes me feel better;~)

rivercat said...

hi amber, thanks :)

Amber Alchymist said...

hi. you're welcome. :)