Sunday, May 13, 2012

Between Mountains

across the cool ivory bed of salt
wearing the uniform of grammar
sunshine flows over depth and distance
love poems that once were still
in faint whispers 
brush into the evenings long reach
and fade into an ocean of space



Simran said...

Its something unique ..Loved the description .

Philosophia said...

this is amazing. love poems that once were still...very beautiful. x

zonedin said...

I'm stuck trying to figure out what is meant by the "cool ivory bed of salt"?

But I do love how you put all those words together;~)

rivercat said...

i wasnt sure but thought of it as a piece of paper in a way
a valley betwenn peeks or wondering if something wlll be good or bad

zonedin said...

I just kept thinking of the salt flats of where I grew up as a kid in the SF Bay area. It was always cool there.

rivercat said...

yes ive seen pictures of the one in brazil and it looks like you are jesus walking on water. In the movies its more like snow so ill have to wait till i find myself on one some day i guess to really know what its like