Sunday, April 22, 2012


Under the day's care we lay
together in broken sunlight
and calmly embrace its innocence
sharing in dreams awoken by birds



zonedin said...

That's funny, I just twittered a message about the morning birds and how they make me feel it's gonna be a good day after all:-)

rivercat said...

i actually get up at 4;30 or 5 but didnt want to seem like to much of an early bird. a neighbor has a chicken that starts around 4 as well

zonedin said...

I rarely know what is happening at 4:30am... I'm a sound sleeper, but there are no dogs or chickens making noises in my neighborhood. Sometimes the owls or mockingbirds might be active at that time. A while back I was terribly awoken by a family of foxes chasing a eating my bunnies. That was a horrible morning! And once a pair of racoons were having a rip roaring fight in my back yard. That was crazy! I threw apples at them, but it did not phase them and one fell in the pool.