Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The space that is not anywhere

Like great silver prisms
these thoughts return
flowing back into my mind
back to the front of night

where fingers of rain get tangled in
the smooth facade
and bolts of lightning fatigue
the broken moon
trying not to understand

what's there
between the sand
blowing in the sky



zonedin said...

I love this one especially on this sad rainy day. The words "fatigue" and "trying not to understand" stand out for me.

rivercat said...

thanks. I changed it a little bit but not much. :)

Whatever said...

giving shape and form to freedom
these thoughts were never mine to begin with
riding the tail of darkness,
just before the light.

The sunshine soaks pure power
all the way through
rebuilding the storm
orbiting everything
trying the sky
to break me.

zonedin said...