Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nuance communications

present between 
the river's bending memories
and the kindred spirit burning
in our souls
curled up into the wind
breathing between our closed eyes




zonedin said...

It's a very cool image! I love purple too. Communication is a curious thing...just when we think we have it figured out, something throws us for a loop. It's reading the nuances can get tricky.

rivercat said...

thnks zoned, :)
yes it is tricky. its good to think about the situations that arise.like when you realize youve said something stupid or thought youwere right butv were wrong and to apologize or verbalize it sometimes, i think pressures from outside a relationship can be hard to control too

mhairi! said...

Sometimes the communication is lost in the wind, and though you wish it weren't at first. Years later you reflect and see that it was protecting yourself and others from a world of pain.

I hope you've been well xx

Nadya said...

lovely work as usual. Thank you.

"in our souls
curled up into the wind"

zonedin said...

I know I make a lot of mistakes in communication and I try to apologize when I catch myself, but I'm naive of things that others see clearly. When silence happens I can't help but feel that I haven't done enough, or I'm doing it all wrong and then I don't know if I should keep trying or keep silent?

To me silence is a dark cave with a blocked entrance where no breeze can flow and the oxygen dwindles eventually putting out the little candle flame. Whereas, communication even if it is arguing, allows the wind to blow and the oxygen to flow and it feels much more alive.

rivercat said...

hi mhairi, nice to see you.
im doing ok thnx.trying to take it easy and watch life unfold for awhile. hope you are well tooo..happy new year :)
hi nadya, thanks for the nice comment :)
hi zoned, i know what you mean when you are in that mode after arguing about something...the circumstances are a little different each time soits hard to learn from them

Beyond said...

call them soul interactions.. what a warmth these words have left in my heart... reminding me of the words we used to play with.