Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sailing toward the unreachable place

Now I see you sleeping miles away
controlling my dreams...

as the sea washes over me
I feel the caress of each crest touch the shore

* Dearest friend, we are connected undeneath this body of water. I'd love to be with you so much.
Still, I feel you with me, and this is truly wonderful, no matter where I am , no matter where you are.
Reality is very interesting,  as is really being with the someone you love and enjoying the everyday
 or a getaway or even a struggle about some stupid thing. I am learning to leran about myself and  it is very interesting. In any case, nice places are really fun to go to,  even if  you're not there with
the  person you truly love the most! 
* The wifi signal is OK but it logs off if you sit idle here.Cell phone surfing  hasn't invaded this beach area  and no laptops at the tiki bar have been seen so far.I don't even see any earplugs or ipods which is really strange. I think that is a good sign though. People seem to just want to listen to the waves and gulls and the occasional screech  from a child..


Sailing Softly Through Light Waves

She is the fire in the sea
with each breath
pulling in the shore

as the ship masts
sway and lean
balancing the horizon
holding their store

slowly moving
closer to each other


Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Love Is

My soul dances in the morning air

What is love
but that you bring my heart
a million smiles



I need a real vacation, somewhere close by.
I'm going to watch the sunset on the water
for a few days.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Radiation: warmth and light

With wonder I look in your eyes
How you radiate from within
so beautifully
and how I feel your softness
warmth and light
deep inside
the darkest parts of me


Collision: warmth and light

Love be enough. That madness cannot present itself
as truth, just madness, and that be truth enough.  And more so...

Imagine the sun
cratered into the moon
that large my love grows
so inspired by your
warmth and light
I grew mountains
and enlarged a thousand fold
and myself lit to return
your illuminating glow


Saturday, May 21, 2011

The still soft universe

Their souls burn night bright
moving with time's
pauses and still lightness
like the man, woman, or child
rapt in sunshine, music, or air
in each found the other
listening to love


Friday, May 20, 2011

The light in air traveling the sky

A forest silhouette
as the last powdery cloud
sneaks through the closing
curtain of night

with mountains
all gone 
all shifted beneath the
golden eye of the fire
we dream simply
to ourselves

from the earth
underneath leaves
and the light in air
traveling the sky



Passing cars drink the earth

and again
passing cars drink the earth
replaced in their passage
into air and water

the oleaginous spot in the ground
whose black is half gotten now
or more by now half gone harder to get

in plumes or in shivering dew
sinking back to the earth
in us all as we pass through

Whose wielded weight in numbness
we inherited
as tears you make
to feel your heart



Disclosure: as much as I dislike oil, I like old cars and the way they look.
I  lowered the compression of the engine in the 69 rs/ss convertible pictured above
so it gets good gas mileage. I dont drive it very often. I really like some of the muscle cars from the late 60's and early 70's, especially the way they looked. I guess I am slightly hypocritical in this poem because I keep this car and like it, as it uses oil and burns gas. But, even most electric cars pollute, in the secondary sense of how the electricity they run on was originally produced. 

The song is from a 60's band called "Spirit". The video is about the BP oil disaster in the gulf of mexico last year..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Swimming the curves of our heart

beneath the breath
shifting gold blood white
into the mud and sea
slow swimming the curves
of our heart

is the air briefly held
holding treasure gone
and won this evening steam
passing through us
lost as a river in the sea


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sweet Earth Below me

So when...

So today I'll be over
As I once did
with these letters
with their edges in ways I'll try

routine in their Urgency
fraying at the corners
to meet their destination
wandering dark gardens

sweet earth below me
that the road before us
keep important as the dream


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On Absinthe Day

the street weaves its overture in cracks
as the sun sets like an apple with whiskers

on Absinthe Day 
the third week of June each year
a remarkably frail human being
at the drying facility at Boveresse
comes in
to contact with experience

at Boveresse now Val de Travers
I am now and will always be
in love with You forever.


*I'm gone for about two weeks . I will miss you all. <3

(not my wedding!)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

In Love With Rushing Water

As the sun drains
from the sky the
world dies and
my fingers fill
into the spaces
I've lived through

The physical stories
still breathing as
memories embedded
in the vivid settings
inside my heart

to after a spring rain
when a sister and brother
played by a flooded curb
in love with rushing water