Friday, December 30, 2011

The past I never had

My eyes drain into the mirror
Tears bled through a
fractured past
of now soundless songs

Veins inside of my heart
squirting ink
like starshine out in the
sky through space



Akeith Walters said...

"Veins inside of my heart
squirting ink
like starshine out in the
sky through space"


Simran said...

So touching and deep!

Sara said...


The Dreamer said...

Sad but touching :(

rivercat said...

hi akeith simran sara and dreamer, thanks for the nice comments. :)

zonedin said...

I've been trying to remember the question.

rivercat said...

that is what it's like. Time keeps going and that allows things to go back and forth. I just noticed pink is the most attention drawing color of the boxes in my members area.
Its greek to me but the name of the site is angel of art and thats all I know. Im too lazy to translate the words :))

zonedin said...

There is some pretty angel/cherubim art there. How is your cat art business this year? Cats are so fascinating!!! I love my cats.. I'm staying in with the cats this New Years eve.. I'm just wiped out. Enjoy your night:-)

rivercat said...

my cats are almost as crazy as i am...what ive found is that the business volume depends on how enthusistic i am and if im healthy and up-beat ..i have had a lot of setbacks this year so it was not too busy at those times.
i till love the tasre of white russians and this new years ive already finished my party. i had some humus and triscuits and some white russins (3) :):)::)

zonedin said...

I do like white Russians too.. I haven't had one in forever but I think tonight it will be eggnog and Crown Royal, because that is what I have. My party has not yet begun, just finished making French onion soup and a pot of Brussel Sprouts, because I just wanted them. It was delicious! Now I can begin the sweet drinks and I'll watch a Charlie Chaplin movie.. That's all I want to do. I know this past year has been rough for you..I think it can only get better now, but if it actually gets worse just know that the best is yet to come!

rivercat said...

brussel sproyts are delicious .the nicest class i took in collage was history of early film... enjoy the show :)
my blog goal for 2012 is to find out how to play guitar into the computer and put something online. i never seem to find the energy because some minor tragedy always happens to divert me away.

zonedin said...

I hope that project works out for you. I had many ideas a year ago, now I can't remember all my great ideas for projects I didnt have time for. I'm enjoying the movies.. They're a bunch of shorter films collection.. My favorite so far is his battle with the Murphy bed. That had me rolling in tears~.~, good luck this year with your endeavors!