Monday, November 7, 2011

Winds tumble in morning's forward climb


and although I loved the tears I’ve wept
and the dreams that sat at my fingertips
like air into this breathing heart
or music that glowed the skin around
my eyes

In beats and wrinkled cuts
I reach for you still
To your hands within the
deeply rooted shadows
emptying now as I open
and the corners softly close



Nadya said...

amazing imagery... My personal thought that came up was of a book being read... no sure why. but a lovely piece.

rivercat said...

hi nadya,that is interesting, i was going to change winds to words in the title but decided to leave it. it is hard to say exactly what its about except that it involves thinking about love

zonedin said...

Hello Rivercat,
Have you ever read Khalil Gibran's "Night"? I just read it and thought you would enjoy it. A few lines that I'm looking at now.... "It is your darkness that reveals the light of Heaven, for the light of day has enshrouded us with the darkness of earth. It is your promise that opens our eyes to eternity. For the vanity of day had held us like blind men in the world of time and space."

rivercat said...

hi zoned, no I never have read that. I tried to google a few lines and didn't find it. Did you read it online or in a book?

Logan Gabrielsen said...

your poetry is so beautiful and inspirational, wish i could write like this :)

rivercat said...

hi logan, thanks for stopping by and commenting. your writing is wonderful and beautiful.
i get very inspired by bloggers and my frinds here on blogger.
i also like to hunt around online for all different kinds of writing when i find some energy. i usually have to print it out to read at some future time and then try to reread it. it could be by anyone, anything that catches my eye. then it seems to build up and i write trying to add some words i dont use much and putting togrthrt phrases in ways that are different. i dont always make perfect sense but try to let the writing develop and leave the things that seem unfinished alone until something new comes along to inspire a change or finish to some vague thoughts. i have tried to stop writing a few times because it takes time to write sometimes but have concluded that it is theraputic and so far have kind of been interested in the whole process and getting through the rough patches of creativity .
i struggle sometimes with thinking my writing is lame but i instead try to focus on the addiction to writing which i seems to have developed over the lst couple years. i almost look forward to the relief of disliking to write spells that can come up now and then...i guess in the end it makes me feel better as its fun to play around with words and trying to express feelings and just seeing what happens.

zonedin said...

I have a few books of his. I just love to read them! Usually just pick it up and find a small section at a time.

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

I just love the play of words and the visuals it creates in my mind and touches my heart.
Another great post!

zonedin said...

well I couldn't find that one called "Night" on the internet either, and it's pretty long to copy here, but I found the link to this's kinda interesting.
I hope you are doing well. I wonder and concern myself with your welfare and wonder about your mother...when I don't see you here in a bit.

rivercat said...

hi pbb, thanks for the nice comment :)
hi zoned, dont bother writing it out, there is plenty on the interent but I guess not everything is on here. I will look at thet, thanks.
thanks, I am doing ok except for a few minor injuries. Whenever I fix something around here I seem to hurt myself in the process. My mom is doing ok,thanks. I took her to get a flu shot to prepare for flu season. A cold is dangerous to her CHF condition they tell me.
Hope all is well :)