Thursday, November 3, 2011


Like the sea
left open to the sun
with wind and tongue
whose beauty is today

While gravity
and the stars heave
Heaven's heavy heart

and now this



Lettie said...

My mind was already at the ocean with a memory prompt this morning and then I come to this... beautiful! Have a good weekend, rivercat.

Angel said...

nice poem !

Anonymous said...

Lovely, always like the images I grasp when reading your words. Fresh and soft.
Happy week-end!

Philosophia said...

Your poetry is always so lovely. You paint quite a picture - the vulnerability of the sea to the sun.


roseanna2u said...

I really love the ideas you put in here. <3

Whatever said...

the taste of salt
pulls with the tide
dragging new moons
under the ocean
hiding my true face
in the light of all Love.

juniper said...

Absolutely lovely, as always.

Nadya said...

loved this!