Sunday, October 9, 2011

There's No Place Like Driving

a world of street
ghost beggars twists into

And inside every car
emotions and glass swim
together in sighting dawn

in trying to understand the fire
and which side of me its on
and that we live here inside a question
and how you're more important
than the answer



Lettie said...

*shaking head with a smile* I will go to sleep tonight with the vision of street ghost beggars... marvelous! "...and how you're more important than the answer" sums it all up for me today. Rarely do I want to drag my significant other to the computer screen but I think he'll really enjoy this one. :) Thanks!

Be well.

rivercat said...

hi lettie, thanks for reading and the nice comment.
Im trying to get back into the swing of things here and finally off pain killers :)

Jesse said...

if we live inside a question, the answer would set us free.

Madhulika said...

agreed... nice post :)

Shadow said...

answers are a part of the solution, but not the entire solution... nice one!

zonedin said...

I love driving. Are you driving back to Florida? Do you go through 17 or 95? My mom's ranch is off 17 but not far from 95..I would offer you some limeade on your way through..It's very beautiful here, but I will be renting it out so I won't be able to stay here for many years probably.

When I drive I go through a wide range of emotions. Sometimes I cry and sometimes I have conversations with myself, but tonight I was singing and car dancing, because I conquered a major problem in my life these past of yesterday it's mostly over and out of my life. But it was a huge committment of strength, bravery, and endurance to make this happen. I'm wiped out, but happy.

rivercat said...

hi jesse, i dont know if the answers to all the questions would mean freedom .
hi madhulikam thnx :)
hi shadow, that makes sense to me :)
hi zoned, well whatever that was im glad you conquered it and the car dancing sounds like a good time. I have mixed feelings about driving but trveling long distance is usually by plane or train. The amtrak has a nice big room compared to an airpalne that i can sleep in and its fun to eat while the food is moving on the dining table. i willbe hearing the horn from when the train goes through a crossing for a few days, For some reson it stays with me.
Virginia seems very country like and laid back to meand probaly anice place to retire, and The limeade sounds good ...maybe some vodka in it would be nice too :)

zonedin said...

I love the train! I wish we had a better train system here as they do in Europe..I would travel much more! There was a conspiracy a long time ago (maybe 1940's?) by Goodyear and General Motors I believe it put the trains out of business and sell more cars and buses. They were tried and convicted and paid a $5000 fine ech but only after these companies had ripped up all the tracks in LA. It was a horrible loss because the cost and hassle to do it now is out of this world!!! I studied this in college the affect of the Automobile on made me so sad.
I'll have to try that limeade and vodka... Somehow I think Tequilla would be nice.