Monday, October 10, 2011

Then heaven sent flowers

Then heaven sent flowers
to the living huddled
below a well centered moon
and out from a crater you rose

Get up said the air with its song
but the hard lake in the window
still flirted with the sandy notions in my mind  

And with all her strength the shore scratches to
and she so wonderful and wise
goes off somewhere

The day continued only sure of spreading morning throughout
the hills and trees
so silently it happens over and over
heaven casting her wide kiss
as in secret we prepare for night
and dreams
sometimes so red and strange
until the new light on an eve falls
and you return from somewhere deep inside the
the dark woods
and I'm so happy you're here


Madhulika said...

Loved the way you needed it...
It had a great 'feel' :) :)

Whatever said...

I'm happy your hear too, and the pictures you paint on the inside of my head are as magnificent as spring herself. xo

rivercat said...

hi madhulika, thanks :) :)
hi whatever, thanks xo, that is cool to know youre having springtime now

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

there's a promise of joy and the colour of optimism on this post. I love it!

zonedin said...

I love the moon and isn't it almost full tonight? So nice!

rivercat said...

hi pbb, thnx, nice to see you again. :)
hi zoned, i have insomnia lately , maybe from not being on pain pills anymore but at least Igot some writing done :)

Angel said...

Beautiful poem !

rivercat said...

hi angel , thnx :)

Anonymous said...

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zonedin said...

Your writing is lovely and so glad you have some inspiration and energy for it. You see how many people you affect and inspire;~)

Borderline Lil said...

This is gorgeous, one of my favourites. Hope it's ok being off the pain pills ;-)