Saturday, October 22, 2011

The sun hands over its dress

in pieces
perfectly  misplaced on a world
made of danger and weight 
spun without drying

there Spring is swerving
on its forgotten journey and here 
Fall through with the green
landscape once rich and raging
now fades into the nuance
between conversations



Whatever said...

the sun blinds our eyes with lies of light
and the sound of space explode
against the turning of the seasons,
to stop in awe where silence treads
we make amends
of the all the things that truth could never say.

Philosophia said...

such beautiful words.

my favourite is the very first line:

the sun hands over its dress
in pieces.

just lovely. x

Jyoti Mishra said...

wow.. its lovely
2nd verse is superb !!

zonedin said...

Wow! The weight of the tears in my head that I seem to hold onto while carrying the weight of the world in my heart. Change is hard sometimes.