Monday, October 10, 2011

It's October Again

and Collapsing tunnels loom
dimming the light
but we are here, not there
we who still move, still move somehow

and Boldly press on with love in layers
through fields rapt with romance
past collapsed tunnels
through openings that began as cracks
we make ourselves make our way
into the truth like finding revelation within a novel
while waiting beneath the desert
a flowerbed lies dreaming with a persistence
we once knew



The Dreamer said...

Press on with love in layers...
<3 Lovely imagery :)

Beyond said...

my love calls it Sweet October

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

October is a dichotomous month for me. Makes me sad and happy, despairing yet hopeful. I have not the slightest idea why.

zonedin said...

It's beautiful! Just like the month of October everywhere. This is one of my favorite months of the year.

Angel said...

October means Christmas is near ..and looking forward to the yuletide season.. By the way hope your in best of health now . God bless !

Anna Sergi said...

"past collapsed tunnels
through openings that began as cracks
we make ourselves make our way".

I started thinking about my openings that began as the end they alwyas end up with walls collapsing on me and yes...I make myself make my way through the ruins everytime without realising that I should avoid thinking that an opening is anything else but a crack.

I adore your poetry.

Brittany said...

a flowerbed lies dreaming with a persistence
we once knew


Whatever said...

In love with the layers
making way for the truth
of a stillness I can't grasp
And the brand new now
is all I'll ever know. xo

Anonymous said...

October..ah, beautiful leaves, beautiful weather..beautiful state of mind.. But the leaves are falling, and sometimes, I'm falling into loneliness.
This is what October has been for me...too many mixed emotions.
Your writing makes me ponder.


Madhulika said...

wooo.. ohhh... its beautiful..
Love in layers... Loved the way you imagines flew in this :)

rivercat said...

hi Dreamer, thnx, :)
hi Beyond, nice to see you again :)
hi PBB , yeah, i know what you mean

Hi zonedin its still warm in florida and the leaves are still on the oak tree :)
hi Angel, thnx yes I cant wait to hear the xmas songs in stores L)
hi Anna thnx for the nice comment, yeah on the other hand openings can turn into cracks too :)
hi Brittany, thnx :) 2011 3:56 AM
hi Whatever thnx for the beautiful comment xo
hi tywo, yes, loneliness is something to think about. I think its like depression, there is mild lonliless and then theres that feeling of severe loneliness. That is something that you have to take action against if it comes on to you I guess. love x
hi Madhulika, thnx for the nice comment :)

Jyoti Mishra said...

really loved the way u have written it..
nice flow n imagery is beautiful