Friday, October 28, 2011

If something is

As I rid myself
of title and plot and
all ties to stratification
and commit to my idea
with the simple thought that it feels
like something right between my fingers

I still imagine you
quietly outside all
I've planned
before even a word's
been spoken


When I Can't See You

Your eyes hide
you from me
so I dream us into water
letting angels have the sky
for here in the quiet waves
god is silent as we are


There was once a

you know what
passed down
like an ancient myth
that carried
on about the universe
with leaves trembling on its farthest branches.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Heaven's Endless Body

There is no control of the skies
he shouted
flying high
If my shadow could only see
me now
He thought
as I turn to see my shadow
moving my heart past myself
to share our passing

I fly into her smile
And I am by my blood
a relic of light found
left behind energy
conscious, a ghost
still dragging time
as I turn to see her
my heart moves past itself
am I to be my blood
or a relic of light 
conscious of energy
heaven's endless body
or a ghost dragging time?


Monday, October 24, 2011

The rumbling tone of creation

fashioned tones from
under a brilliant night sky
where has always been
that first
the oldest musical
rumbling the tones of creation


Saturday, October 22, 2011

The sun hands over its dress

in pieces
perfectly  misplaced on a world
made of danger and weight 
spun without drying

there Spring is swerving
on its forgotten journey and here 
Fall through with the green
landscape once rich and raging
now fades into the nuance
between conversations


Don't You Know

We fall like dancing stars
springing back into time
holding the hands of reason
we let go of so completely
because noticing
it's harder to worry

Me, an admirer
as I think I am of stars I cannot see
moving in ocean waves
that sparlke the sky with the feet and
hands they lack


Friday, October 21, 2011

Stripped by the falling sky

knowable only to angels
at the edge of the sky
over the heartbreaking silence
a bolt across the firmament

And I stumble and fall over
a question - and you ease back
through my pores, the way love wrestles through
impenetrable people

Like pulling forward space
the moon cries behind her cloudy
eyes and peering through the haze
the earth begs to be caressed
by her floating body  

Stripped by a fallen sky
her white earth lies dead
bare with pale volcanoes
a dimly lit salted sphere
without a memory of life
she is everything


Saturday, October 15, 2011


And in the vastness and truth
of who we are
waits the unfolding now blue sky
Our form through tournaments of old
still warm and grand

She was born with morning inside
her in the early spring
as light fell down
through the cool thin gaps

Does eternity have an end
for this poem?


Monday, October 10, 2011

It's October Again

and Collapsing tunnels loom
dimming the light
but we are here, not there
we who still move, still move somehow

and Boldly press on with love in layers
through fields rapt with romance
past collapsed tunnels
through openings that began as cracks
we make ourselves make our way
into the truth like finding revelation within a novel
while waiting beneath the desert
a flowerbed lies dreaming with a persistence
we once knew


Then heaven sent flowers

Then heaven sent flowers
to the living huddled
below a well centered moon
and out from a crater you rose

Get up said the air with its song
but the hard lake in the window
still flirted with the sandy notions in my mind  

And with all her strength the shore scratches to
and she so wonderful and wise
goes off somewhere

The day continued only sure of spreading morning throughout
the hills and trees
so silently it happens over and over
heaven casting her wide kiss
as in secret we prepare for night
and dreams
sometimes so red and strange
until the new light on an eve falls
and you return from somewhere deep inside the
the dark woods
and I'm so happy you're here

Sunday, October 9, 2011

There's No Place Like Driving

a world of street
ghost beggars twists into

And inside every car
emotions and glass swim
together in sighting dawn

in trying to understand the fire
and which side of me its on
and that we live here inside a question
and how you're more important
than the answer


How Now Was Ever Made

powerful as the open air   
yet still wading against
the shimmering night

"I'll paint the night black again"
maybe he didn't say this

I wonder what it would take
to feel the indifferent forms of me
breaking through the brittle bark of the tree to
breathe freely through myself knowing nothing is really here
except the smallest drop of rain god ever made


Friday, October 7, 2011

Each time it happens

Breathing to love
dancing in the low light
the moon drops

Painting with our arms
lazy shadows stretched
out across the sky
Our wings melt the sun


Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Toast

To our backwards failed escape
endlessly looking backwards at the shiny
grey zeroes of infinity
the temperature weeps
in slow degrees to season
the anonymous days
suffocating with old ideas
old purpose

All directions and all paths
an afternoon
groping for
an end and a beginning

We kept trying, and finally
cleared the frost of
And like pulling open a curtain
discovered that a promise was
almost enough