Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finding out the way it is

The sun is setting cool again
I'm trying to remember
but it makes me dizzy.
no longer sweating
breathing and thinking
and sinking deeper
and it's almost like I'm swimming.

Seems like I've been here before.
Seems so familiar.
Seems like I'm slipping
into a dream within your whisper.
it drags me under and takes me


moving statues of air

walk with me
For lightning to strike
science doesn't matter

Sparks inside the grey sky
are somewhat distant
from the dissatisfied storm
and lying still, burning
emotion forward
through the air solidity
at the end of space

then staring back at time
counting stars
missing in the sky


Monday, September 19, 2011

Let living be our song ( refrain)

let me play you the
beat of my heart
while only the sleepy
stars are watching

Let living be our song

whatever way we are
Let living be our song
as the mountains sing
to the sea