Saturday, August 20, 2011

What did you mean

till poetry was the only
word left and that's all
everyone could talk about

poetry in cups and in
the evening's surplus
of magnificence
poetry on the rotisserie
like blue laughter held
under a waterfall

that too the faintest breath
can contain the deliverance
from our tears






erin said...

perhaps then it is best secretly hidden and revered by those who dare to be lunatics or lovers.


Krystal said...

Thank you very much for sharing. I love how you write. "Like blue laughter held under a waterfall."

Loved it every step of the way.

Madhulika said...

You got a prize..!!

check it out at:

rivercat said...

hi erin and krystal, thanks for such nice and thoughtful comments. You are both amazing and You both inspire me with your writing and comments. :)

madhulika, a million thanks for including me on the awards list. I apprecieate it. I don't accept awards because I guess Im a loser and anti social to some degree. I hope you can understand that. I do have that on my profile to give a warening. I like your writings and your blog so i hope you arent offended! I do appreciate it but I dont like all the work involved.
I hope you can foregive me so I accpet kind of as long as I dont have to do anything which kind of defeats the purpose I think.
I am not against other people giving them and accepting them, jutst dont personally like to deal with them. That is as honest as I can ever be too, so you made me an honest man!

Philosophia said...

love this. you just unleashed some of that blue laughter under the waterfall, and it is magnificent and sparkling.

zonedin said...

I think I am getting from this that poetry is a way to express pain and bear it amost till we can laugh or cry. If that is what it is..then I get it:~) Really nice!

rivercat said...

hi philosophia, thanks :)
hi zoned, that is as good an interpretation as i could come up with.sometimes i do have a strong theme or write lines to say something specific. Lately i have not cared to and my titles have been isolated, but in this case yes at the last minute it did turn into everything is poetry, and that is the last word :)

Lola X said...

Absolutely fantastic blog!!! Glad I found it! Love it!!!

Lola x

Anonymous said...

I admire your writing. So deep, and thoughtful. "that too the faintest breath can contain the deliverance
from our tears' wow! I am drowning in your words.



Thats what poetry does.

Beyond said...

of the two ways- profanity and poetry it is always better to stick with poetry.. it carries emotions and not anguish

Eva said...

There is such hope in this. I love seeing this kind of light in a world where it does not always seem possible.

Angel said...

As always your such a brilliant poet.

mckenzie. said...

This is really eloquent and lovely. x

Keda said...

you always write well, sometimes great, but this is really spectacular. xx

Kalyan said...

lovely words...nicely crafted lines!

saraht said...

This imagery reminds we of wandering through the city during a festival at midnight. Wonderful writing.

zonedin said...

You're too much! You just cracking me up! (re: blogging picture)

roseanna2u said...

omfg! I LOVE all of this! <3

zonedin said...

It doesn't seem like you're really that hairy.

Angel said... ,got a nice hair ,blonde ! how i wish my hair be like yours.

Whatever said...

I mean't you
because there are no words that would ever be enough
To deliver us from this faintest breath
or make poetry herself cry real tears.

The Dreamer said...

HAHAH stalker mode.

Btw, beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.
There are no words.

Anonymous said...


Brittany said...

I envy the beauty of your words.

Siddhartha Joshi said...

i like the stalker mode :)

muted.massacres said...

i mean, wow. poetry about poetry. this is publishable, friend. i appreciate your work so much.