Thursday, August 4, 2011

Battle for the space between words

They have come for
the spaces between my words
so I slip them under the door
and stand back praying
inside with what's left
between silence

The antique clasp of
calligraphy now
closed and safe
around my neck
holding tight together
one long meaningless
word on a string



Anonymous said...

I must tell you that the "Dear you" comment you left me gave me goosebumps. Everything you write is filled with emotion and beauty. It's like magic!


Linda said...

This is nice RC. Very nice!

Akeith Walters said...

Great writing again.

roseanna2u said...

I love this. Words and language seem really strange sometimes. <3

Whatever said...

I held out my hands but the spaces rushed straight through them. I just wanted to hold back the tide of white lies that lace me in this den of pixies dreams I drunk too much and now just how I am.

Beyond said...

through words you reach them, through words you adorn them,
and how can such words be meaningless ever...
your words carry magic and life.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

Isn't life crazy, sometimes? I really like this one- speaks to me, right now. Loosen the string. Glad you're back!

saraht said...

I'm not sure if this is about paranoia, censorship or the struggle of writing, but it's an interesting poem!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the first half is so cool and the last part makes it complete.

I will never be able to look at the spaces between my words the same way again.

love the way you write ♥

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Very very clever writing I must say!

erin said...

it's in the spaces that more meaning lies. i like where you go.


Lettie said...

Yes. I've been looking through a lot of poetry lately and this is one of those treasures. Thank you.

Angel said...

Beautiful... as always a deep thought piece..

Brittany said...

How do you give it meaning when you cant find any?