Friday, July 22, 2011

I never liked that word

I carry poetry in my arms
and place it in the dead tree
holding my heart in a bag




Angel said...

Writer what word you don't like? Seems you're sad ! Hey, cheer up life is is , open your eyes and heart see around . Rivercat,go over to my post again ,i answered you back there.. God bless! Smile!

Anonymous said...

This does seem sad and I don't know which word either.

rivercat said...

the word poetry. I think being sad is ok as long as it doesnt make you suicidal. euphoria is overated

rivercat said...

hi ima, falling in love is the most interesting part of life.
it doesnt matter if its online or not. happiness and sadness and all
the emotions have their place. i have an esay life and am lucky in many ways but laugh or cry depending on the circunstances and how i feel still. usually when im happy i feel a tiny sadness still and when im sad a teeny weeny bit of happiness too...but rerally small sometimes! :)

rivercat said...

i know you didnt ask about that but was just explaining the post.
i am a vegetable wary of complexity and blowing with the winds. ive always been that way.
people and life are good. i know that. more than i know what day it is. ive written some really sad poems but they are not sad enough. i wrote one about spanking that made it seem like rape. i realized how easy my childhood as far as abuse was ,,,just a few spankings and a kind of unemotional Dad.
that isnt so bad compared to a lot of people i think

rivercat said...

..oh yeah, i have a dying tangerine tree in the back yard.
ive tried to bring it back an it has come back a few times over the past year but now its only got a few leaves left and im trying to decide whether or not to try once more to bring the leaves back by flooding it with water and feeding it a little iron and fertilizers

Anonymous said...

Poetry..poetry is insanity.
But the moment I stop writing, I'll have to hold my heart.

This is deep. I try to understand it. Perhaps, that's the best part. Not understanding it fully.
I love you.


Whatever said...

Poetry can hardly fit into it's handle,
who says words are or arn't?
the bag pulses
bloody with hope,
Poe and the tree,
because even things that do not breed or breathe still have their secret life. xo

Kaleidoscope Girl said...

A dead tree.

TheBlogWriter8 said...

And the tree starts to wake up enriched with a new life.

zonedin said...

I get very sad when I lose a plant or tree in my yard. Sometimes I can see it happening and try desperately to do all that I think will help it. I probably make things worse. My heart is heavy in that bag hanging in the tree, and it's hard to find the right words. I wish you peace and tranquil heart singing in your chest again❥

rivercat said...

hi tywo, yes, you are so right. and I love you too. That made me think of my Dad who passed away recently. he never could say "i love you" but he did love us. I think what he witnessed in the military got to him and took away some of his abiity to communicate his love for people and his family.
hi whatever, I love all of that. thanks.yes, leaves or not the secret life in everything you can feel that beyond of the mechanics of things that are called living too.
hi kaleid,the one next to it is so full of life it just had a june bloom.
it will be interesting to see what happens.:)
hi blog, i still have hope. it does have one tiny tangerine the size of a marble and bright green:)
wow zoned , your comment made me feel better. that is how i am about them too hoping i didnt kill them trying to save them. thanks so much for the kind thoughts, that was such a sweet comment!

zonedin said...

I'm going to pray for your tangerine tree;~)

rivercat said...

it sorely in need of divine intervention. losing half your bark is a bad sign I think! thanks! :)

erin said...

i don't do this and i could smack myself for saying so but i've read this the last couple days and i want to leave off those last three words. somehow (for me) leaving them off and seeing the heart unrestrained fitted to the crux of the tree is more.

gorgeous writing.

poetry? wtf is that anyway? the other day i told my son that he had a poet's heart. he said, mom, but i don't like to write. i responded, poetry has so little to do with words but rather it has to do with living, with seeing.


Beyond said...

It is much easier to proclaim abstract and remote love, then to step into the midst of living and keep an open heart through the thick of it... You are just there.

Anonymous said...

I don't think all poetry has to be understood. Sometimes the words are enough to make you feel something,thought you can't put a word on your feeling. It's what happen with these lines. Something I truly love about your poems. Opening myself to feel the power of the chosen words. Thanks

rivercat said...

hi erin, i know what you mean. the heart in the bag sounds a little off. I voulunteered at a hospital and was carrying bags of bloody things inside a cart and the thought of that made me write it that way I think. thanks for the comment. I appreciate :)
hi beyond,yes, it is harder I would say :)
hi marie, yes you are so right . I like both ones i understand and ones i dont with the i donts usually a little more intresting :)

Anonymous said...

i'm catching up, little by little. i suddenly miss your words, my friend.

this keeps me wondering. you don't like the word, but i can't seem to see you without it.

Brittany said...

Excuse my language but holy shit.

You could not describe the way I feel more accurately, than this.