Thursday, June 30, 2011

The unspoken collage

Like the girl in
bed he watches
the years move
as slowly moves love

like the guy in bed
she watches
grown up into dreams
they escaped

like the girl in bed
he watches
both memories
senses and habit

like the guy in bed
she watches
the unspoken collage
the mysteries take


Teaching the sea to swim

Would flowers flower
without your love?
No, not all
no, not one

Beside the blazing
surplus of stars
struck a torch high over
midnight radiating elegantly
onto the Earth
teaching the sea
to swim


That something better mattered

You may hate mosaics
or wish not to want
to live as soft rolling lips
say it's a dream

that it's love too
to put worth on
and drop into a slotted
stone cosmos
that something better mattered

Not that some barbarous death
compares to that worth
in whose telling
anything can or can't be gained
as learning to do things from articles and
books alone

But when you're this much in love
it doesn't really matter if one is
better than the other because
it's like dying and It's hard to change
your mind when you're dead


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Tunnel Between Hearts

Wishes and dreams
draw breath from
deep beneath
the undulating shadows.

The phantom riders
of the surface see
alone themselves
while below
aquatic eyeless hearts
swim the ocean currents
drawn to each other
making their way
with water wings


The Way Backwards

After A few minutes I narrow
and I don't see me as clearly
am I some other construct?
a country or perhaps a mountain
or just the fascination of something from
five frames further
into the future

It's the small, slow successes
the art of what matters in matters
that supply the business of
and now I must go back into
myself reversed
,see you
past the into travel to way only the is this


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why is a hard word

I could call this
Cold Dark Of A Secret Dawn
but why would I?

Why is a hard word
one of the petrified order
that wrap themselves around us
and we ask them what's with this and
that when cornered they conveniently forget
the answer then forget to forget and
slowly losing back all but the surface
they answer in a glimpse or a shiver

I am trying in this division in this
moment-less space that leaves and stays
to say here as far as it's gotten to divinity
(who gets to what they want every time?)
to say the same secret I hope you have
but different and that there is that to
love even more than us

And I treat what I don't know here
with the hope of starting another
part of this beginning that always is
uncertain to go as far as to say
I've felt it and know it to be good

though air does not yet exist
this love still sticks beneath
my nails and I hope it's more
than just me


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why the moon stole from the sky

Her fire grew wings upon his heart
and he flew to the center of the sun
feathered in the fingers of her flames

And the moon saw
being here now the
same as love
and how we loved here too
and said as much
while wondering what went true together
And He sang

O  how my heart soars when her soul sings
and I feel the fiery heart of
her being,  Let the fingers of her flames dance upon my skin

and the sea believed what the sky saw
how the sunlit arc revealed
why the moon took the
sun from the sky


All the dreams but one

In words white as space
that sing never leaving
and crawl out from
beneath night's
deepest breath

a voice wide as space
dances light upon my heart
and wakes up
all the dreams

but one and none
so dear as
I walk beside her


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Answering An Angel

   is a gentle beauty...
a meditation

What is the world but the world?


Thursday, June 9, 2011

We Became The Talk Of Space

Days were forgotten
along with solidity
and we became the talk of space
whispers through the Galaxy

with no end to the beginning
a timeless remembering
of  flesh and bone
when the burning blood of our souls
ran as fire through our hearts



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fishing For Similes

I don't understand
the tops of letters
leaving me dry
as they fly by
as I preen my self
of their spikes and crowns
they call horns and pricks

that fall behind
like fading orgasms
yellowing in awareness
I'm going fishing for smiles
and as for me (whose
smiling leaves 
in finding the next thing)

I wondered why God
with her nouns, molecules
atoms and letters
all at the table
would hide in of all things


Slow Time

Watch silently as
slow time advances
to the click-clatt er click
of old age

Seasons strangely change
And man in his own right
was made to see the light light.

People in prisons
shouldn't throw chains.


A Far And Distant Memory

Silently David was born
  and Goliath Sprang into existence
       From David's brain.
Slowly and quietly
       the war arose between
       two nations
       Two false images collided
Imagination being fought
   and with impeccable aim
David cast a stone at the
   forehead of Goliath &
        Goliath fell.



a forgotten heart
colors the morning air
a dim sun pinkish blue
rests on lilacs fresh with dew
glistening in its moist field
refracted in its droplets
a rainbow smiles
with its frown
upside down


Monday, June 6, 2011

Sharing what's left

sheets of rain
hang motionless
in midair
I run inside
to find you


Always will
I look through water
past closed libraries
at the galloping rainbows, fabric
of all of life
once pools of doubt would
allow no more than victory
arrival and a walk through hair
now I thank God how much of
you is there how the air I need is
seen still through water in the corner
cut by wind weight born tender
a note from an eye more than lashes
a symbol from the more than a
pumping organ and a ewe drawn poorly
while looking at a painting
put together to how I feel

I Can Hear The Wind And Flowers

the color of  long romantic moments
drawn in
saturated by your you
I can hear the wind and flowers
as your song vibrates
growing slowly
within me
mending me nurturing me
transforming shadows
into music
I collapse between
sensibilities*  our continents
close in on together


Friday, June 3, 2011

I Was Born In a Poem

Her voice is the morning sky
singing to the sea and earth
why, why, why

I was born in a poem
and in a poem I shall die

like voice is in the morning sky