Thursday, April 7, 2011

When I Felt Her Words

When I read
 her words 
   I knew that I was in Love.

'With a jolt
my heart sped
 when thy voice
 like lightning
   struck so quickly.'

Seeing, Believing, and Feeling
their beauty
 Burning  Like Fire  behind  my  eyes...



Simran said...

Hmm.. means something unexpected..
Expressed in short but nicely! :)

rivercat said...

good morning *here* Simran,
this has two totally different meanings :)

juniper said...


i love how you make this sound so...predestined. "thy" <3 <3

roseanna2u said...

This is how I feel every time I read your blog :)

Whatever said...

The words by themselves could mean almost anything,
but it's the way they fit together inside my head that makes me dizzy.

saraht said...

This is wonderful. I never liked reading anything lengthy online, but I can get comfy with my kindle set to the parameters of an old book, which helps in the transition to a screen. I often fall in love with words, and as the previous poster stated, it is the way they are strung together, their beauty, that vivifies them in our minds. xo

Vicki said...

You can certainly fall in words with words on a screen or paper. Words are made to touch our hearts.

rivercat said...

juniper,hi thnx, it just must be thus :)
roseanna2u , wow, i seriously doubt that but thnx for the kind thoughts :)

Whatever, thnx <3 ,you helped m fix this one. I
changed the words to their beauty after reading your comment :)

sarah , i am so guilty not reading a lot
but that sounds really cool about the kindle :)
Vicki , thanks for stopping by. Yes, i dont want
to marry a book either :)lovnng words I mean as
one might "love" your favorite poet or whatever.
There are times though that the words seem to be on fire when I read them,especially in shortlove poems.
I thinkthat is pretty normal reaction.:)

zonedin said...

I know i can be affected by words, but I have learned to tell myself that nothing is about me if not directed specifically with my name. The problem with me doing that is that it's killing me as I shrink into nothingness. But nothing is everything and everything is nothing.
I think we can feel the passion and fire in words that have been written by the inspiration of true feelings...I love to read words like that:~)

Nicole✗✗ said...

I love this one!! I definitely believe it's possible to fall in love with someone's words. One's writing can be a direct connection to a part of who they are.

Nicole✗✗ said...

Oh yeah!! I will definitely check out the original Tron. It would be awesome to experience the difference of visuals. : )

Anonymous said...

love the first 3 lines.
and i don't think that i am much of importance here in your space, like i believed i once was before, but i'll still be leaving a comment... just so you know that i'm still reading yours. :)

The Dreamer said...

"Burning like fire behind your eyes"
beautiful :D

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Love, jolt, lightning, fire ... River, you are some passionate dude! :D

Anna Sergi said...

Why not say before your eyes instead of behind? What were those words sayinf that you felt so on fire?

Anonymous said...

So powerful and passionately worded. Definately hits the spot :)

rivercat said...

zonedin, unless you have developed some kind of online relationship through some back and forth messages, you just couldn't be sure without a name so your idea is a good one. I am inspired by true feeling poems as well :)
nicole, thanks, tron one is prety good :)
Haze, if I miss a post or two its because Im too busy. I dont leave as many poem comments because Im too busy here with my business now, but your comments and blog are still important to me as ever :) <3

Dreamer, thnx <3
PBB, thank you <3
Anna," behind " just means in the mind. Feeling it physiologically in the brain too I guess.
Usually poems that have strange wording but make sense somehow,and cosmic theme poems are my favorite, but short love poems with subtle sensual messages can get to me, although after a while, 'desire' based poems lose thier power if i read too much of them. :)
amstothers, thank for commenting and visiting!

I'd like to give a special thank you to Vicki, she has a nice blog thats like a diary and the link is below here:

Musings from my mid life

zonedin said...

Hey Rivercat, I also think my idea is especially helpful when we read negative words. I'm perfectly happy being oblivious, because in my mind it's never about me unless directed with my name. But the words can have an emotional affect just reading them, especially if we can identify with them.
I'm sorry if I seem negative or disconnected. I'm going through a lot of stress in my day to day life's nothing to do with here..except that I cannot spend any time at all, on my own, doing my own creations, which I know you know takes lots of quiet alone time. I don't get to have that, but I will soon for a short time.
If I were to write at my blog for the few minutes I can steal, it would be such negativity and anger presented in a very poor way...I just don't think I should do that. But it does piss me off!!! oooops...sorry;~/

rivercat said...

zonedin-hahaha-- blogging is time consuming almost like a second vounteer job for me speaking of whoch,I do less work with the cat shelters ever since i started blogging and have become addicted to writing even if it is at night in my black journels mainly wjile i have insomnia or on the computer in the blogger post thing. The only problem doing that is the editing after you post them thing...if someone comments and you still need to change it. ... looking forward to whatever or whenever you post :)

rivercat said...

ps - i wrote that post in 5 seconds and forgot to mention how bad i felt for you being stressed and not being abletoblog in peace.
hang in there zoned! :)

Arian Tejano said...

you really know how to slay one's heart by your style of writing. o no, i sound like a chic today. smiles. but this is good. I love the framing here. i wish I knew the backstory -- "her words".

rivercat said...

Thnx Arian, always enjoy your comments and the poetry on your site! :)

LInk to a noisless patient spider poetry by arian tejano:

a noiseless patient spider POEMS BY ARIAN TEJANO


juniper said...


EDITED IT, RIGHT. i love this sosososo much. sooo much. xx

i just thought i should express that again. :P

Alcina said...

This is so full of feelings..Loved it like anything!

rivercat said...

thnx juniper, youre really nice to say that.
Changing them got stressful for the bugs poem bu this one wasnt too bad. You know the quote in the middle originated from when youre site got faster. Thats what that comment was about as I remember it. It looked like it wanted to be in a poem so I made this up around it. Its funny where ideas can come from :)

rivercat said...

hi Alcina, thanks :)


This is very romantic and touching.I guess it did be useful for anyone making a crush on!!, serious.

Anyway fellows, i did like to make network friends to share ideas,opinions and thoughts.
So will highly appreciate a pass by and comment on my blog which talks about freeing the mind a tool for personal development. and i will return the favor.

Thank You.God bless and best regards.

erin said...

time and time again~

rivercat said...

hi erin, thnx for stopping by.
I agree with you :)