Monday, April 11, 2011

Through Me

She moves
 through me as Spring moves
gently through the lines written on her leaves.

Lifting slowly through my veins
 Softly speaking to me 
Of the Life
That She sustains



learn to oil paint said...

nice artwork!....Daniel

juniper said...

ahh, i like this one. the imagery is just...gooseflesh-ish. i love it. :]

Shadow said...

smooth... i like!

rivercat said...

thnx daniel :)

hi juniper and shadow, thnx for the comments.
i think ive finished this now and pray i dont change it again!

Trickie said...

You are definitely in love River. All your beautiful words prove it.

Martha Ann said...


roseanna2u said...

This is so beautiful. <3

Alcina said...

It's gentle and flows very softly..Very beautiful

Whatever said...

It's autumn here, but I can still feel those roses crawling up my spine, clawing into my heart. And it's so beautiful to be loved by life itself. :)

saraht said...

I love this. A wonderful tribute to Spring, Nature, and Love. Perfect. xo

Linda said...

This is beautiful.
Don't change it!

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

"Through me", what a lovely and faithful tribute. A beautiful affirmation of love and life.
I just love it!

Talei said...

This is lovely, I really get a sense of ...flow? Very cool.

mhairi! said...

"'O where are you going?' said reader to rider."
A prose of a question, so fitting to this delicacy. Had you played with the ideas of the Romantic poets in creation of true feeling.

Expression of love through nature's own enigmatic form is truly delicious.

'Speaking softy' X

Anonymous said...

ah... you nailed it again :)

and i like the artwork too :)

Eva said...

This is beautiful.

zonedin said...

It's so pretty!

abigail oliveros said...

oh my, thanks for dropping by!! your words are gently and beautiful.

hope all is well and to hear from you soon.

Heather said...

I need her to move in me, all I feel is winter's icy hold.

Anna Sergi said...

As always.

The Dreamer said...


rivercat said...

Hi Trickie, thnx yes, I love springtime in florida :)
Marth Ann, Alcina, & roseann2 , thanks for the nice comments :)
Hi Whatever, thnx, after youre nice words I changed this and i think improved it:)
saraht & PBB, thnx for your nice words:)
Lina, ha,I actually did change itgain but it was more of a reduction , I took out "quietly moving through me " of the 2nd stanza because it was redundant.
Talei, thnx,youre right, it is about partially the plants pull of nutrients upwards and through the vascular capillaries and of course love coursing through us too:)

i really appreciate the comments and the feedback but I also like to visit your sites too and read your posts when I can and actually read them a few times so I wait till I have some time It does make it easer to find a site if the persons icon is in a message too <3
mhairi, thnx for the sweet comment,that is cool poem too you quoted. I really like your comments and your blog is a real treat to read :)
hi Haze, I changed it only 5 times zfter I thought I nailed it :)
Hi Eva, you have a cool website! I saved a link to look around more. thnx for commenting :)
Hi Zoned , thanks for your sweet words :)
Abigail, thnx for stopping by :)
Hi Heather, Candaa will be warm soon, its already hot here in fl :)
Thnx Anna :)
Hi Dreamer , thanks for your nice comment :)

Keda said...

The words flow so gently and softly, I can imagine it being like gently stroking a lover's arm as they lay sleeping/resting. That's what it feels like to me.

rivercat said...

Keda, lovely thoughts. it is natural - stroking each other and softly smooch talking in the light of each others souls...i can hear her gentle voice nspeaking to me now as i type
as fr as nature goes, i wouldnt want to change a thing the yellow sun in the blue sky with a few white clouds sunrise sunset,red and purple flowers green fields mountains and aqua teal seas oh my...what art her natures be (quite good enough for me)! :)

Anonymous said...

You have the sensibility to capture our feelings,keep the right work going on

Chloe said...

You are amazing!
You write beautifully :3

rivercat said...

thnx Ravi and Chloe
i appreciate the kind thoughts and encouraging words :)