Saturday, April 23, 2011

In the Arena

Is the old way out?
in this way only is
romance about
the way I love you

I can sense you in the area
on a sign outside where
the gates to the ocean open
lay the earth behind my blinds

A wedding bell chimes
the lull to be kept in
pursuing a hope without gradually
caring whatever that means
growing within love
in the beginning
dreaming there is no left there

Squeezed by her legs
and pressed into the sun
a place a home
the earth behind
my blinds
opening the floodgates of an ocean.



Linda said...

imho, this is one of your very best RC.
just the right touch of risque...

rivercat said...

thnx Linda, i tried something different here and wrote something after reading some of the blogs.
the best part is ididnt change much!

inspired by this poem

roseanna2u said...

I like this too, and that blog is really good. <3

Whatever said...

I didn't see this last night.
It is perfect.
You are a great writer!

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

excellent! I see growth here!

rivercat said...

thnx roseanna, i agree and your site is great too! <3
hi whatever, although i dont have much confidence in my writing, i appreciate nice comments like that and am happy when you like what i write. Your writings fill me with wonder and I love them all. I wish I could express better how they make me feel. <3
HiPBB, thnx ,both your blogs are amazing and I always look forward to reading them and attempting to make a sensible response comment! <3

juniper said...




i love this.
so, so much.

am speechless. <3

zonedin said...

I keep getting hung up on the "squeezed by her legs" part. I'm blushing but don't know if i should be?

rivercat said...

hi juniper, thnx so much for the nice comment. Youre a goddess of words, thoughts, and formatting text and always inspire me! <3

Hi zoned, yes and no, the sun rays are her legs too, and I got that from a legend about capturing the sun so it would be more accommodating. Althought the florida sun is kind of malignant, i still love it, even though I dont go to the beach as much as I used to. All that said, It is as much about both kinds of warmth as one and not just individually ( if that makes any sense)

sun snare "legs of the sun" polynesian legend

I think youd like this if you havent read it ... I remember a long time ago post on creation from your blog, and I liked that because I didnt know much about taht one <3

Anna Sergi said...

A difficult one this one.
I sense the real climax here
'pursuing a hope without gradually
caring whatever that means
growing within love
in the beginning
dreaming there is no left there '

dreaming there is no left there...this is ambitious.

Anonymous said...

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