Friday, April 29, 2011

What God says without words

                                                What God said without words

This year
Spring came early and clean

as a warm breeze
draped over winter's spine

When God said without words

                                                 I Love You



Most Poems Have Burrs

Most poems have burrs
some that fall off and
stick to us

some poems have burrs
like stellate stars
that penetrate the heart
and warm the liver

and some have burrs
that are scary or cold
and kind of make you shiver

this poem has a burr too
I'm totally in Love with You
and I really am... it's true.

I hope that doesn't
give you the flu.


It's Going To Be A Huge Kiss

                     The Queen looks wonderful...and the bride so happy!

as may you have life in the world to come, everlasting..I see elton john but no mick yet.
6:27 AM ( Eastern Time US) nice prayer...what is the"evil" that builds compelled to be released?
Getting rid of it seems at first logical, but it's better to hold it in ... it will dissipate
( but what if the evil does some good? eeeks ...still it's better to hold it in ...if you can!)
7:15 AM  It's nice that the weather held up.The guard horses are doing a great job. The dry ground providing for extra bounce. The bride is still smiling, and they're arriving now at Buckingham Palace,
the flower girls seen on the three giant screens. This does make you think about getting married.
It can't be helped... well done London!
as the world waits for a kiss
7:50 The crowd is marching towards the Palace waving Union Jacks. I think this may be a sign to invest in the market. It's orderly because they know what's coming. I can't help but think of a particular first kiss, but as exciting as it was, it pales in comparison to what's coming...( I have to admit I'm also thinking about kissing you! That would be bigger than this..but I am excited enough . I must try not to think of such things right now)

It's going to be a HUGE KISS though!

The second kiss was pretty good, better than the first and good enough to seal the deal.
Very nice! It seems the Queen has had enough and wants her drink now.
The bride gave a wonderful last glance, over her shoulder to the crowd as she walked inside and now I see people are walking in the fountain. All in all a great show. It's time to go shopping , bye!

As lovely as
the Trust I Believe in

You were not
1   Any of the various North American vultures
2   A pleonectic person
3   really You  in your Angel Skin coat

Let classified ads work for you - Dial SH1-101 Now!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sea Light In Black Water

I wish I could take
most of you back
the a/c makes an icy reply
and she scoots over
the seat belts turned on

Sea light in black water


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trees Touch The Air

Quietly trees touched the air
inching toward clouds as
they gently tunneled downward

Their branches weighted to the
changing days
slowly sailed ships that
moved onward

Trees with clothes, wheels, and flowers
drawn upon their leaves
now sail their ships
with true natures inaudible
still cling to each other somehow

As their roots breathe in hardened air 
and their branches walk through stone.


One Heartbeat Away From Breaking

tombs of sadness
acquiesce and ascend
above a robin's fading cry

With benevolence
bent on addiction
chains the carcanet
as the wind chimes play

to a dancy fromage
one heartbeat
away from breaking


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Woods In Bloom

 Spring is
a good girlfriend

Her flowers bring  forth
an ancient gladness
I love


Saturday, April 23, 2011

In the Arena

Is the old way out?
in this way only is
romance about
the way I love you

I can sense you in the area
on a sign outside where
the gates to the ocean open
lay the earth behind my blinds

A wedding bell chimes
the lull to be kept in
pursuing a hope without gradually
caring whatever that means
growing within love
in the beginning
dreaming there is no left there

Squeezed by her legs
and pressed into the sun
a place a home
the earth behind
my blinds
opening the floodgates of an ocean.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Each Day's A Chance

Each day is a chance to watch love grow

  And I flew with a Dancer's Heart
feeling Love's music awakening my soul



Named By The Sky

We are alive
And the trees lift their
golden arms and the clouds
flower into gothic messengers
of reawakening

And as startled -
as delighted by the
morning bird's song

In us contained
the truth, and a chance
opaque, wild,  inescapable

as we drag the sea through
and believe in silence.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Thousand

We had
a thousand scars for every one he had
 taken a thousand more pills
and resurrected ourselves a thousand more times

Waking  last  night  thinking
about     l i f e    wondering
questioning  if  it's  all - right  
to love somebody this much 
the dangers
of being this
                   high and  the
                   mistakes you
 can make.   Like  asking
 to  be  stabbed  to death
 because  you  like  r e d .



Monday, April 11, 2011

Through Me

She moves
 through me as Spring moves
gently through the lines written on her leaves.

Lifting slowly through my veins
 Softly speaking to me 
Of the Life
That She sustains


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life Is An Infinity Of Change


As day spins into night
the sun burning hot recedes from view
and dusk captures the imagination.

                                                 Life is an infinity of change...


Saturday, April 9, 2011

We Saw The Sun Break Through The Sky


Each night
the air
 trusted the sun
to turn her

But when the
wind complained
last night
hiding the moon
and rain 
we grew
scared and confused
knowing  what was
at stake

We knew without light
we could not live, but we also
knew we had to trust the dark
So we moved below
 the skin's unimportance
and trusted our seeing
to the dragon's eye

And we held together
through the stormy weather
until  the sun
broke through
the sky.


*Dragon's Eye - love, wisdom, power
  compassion & understanding. Sometimes represented with the triangle symbol.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

When I Felt Her Words

When I read
 her words 
   I knew that I was in Love.

'With a jolt
my heart sped
 when thy voice
 like lightning
   struck so quickly.'

Seeing, Believing, and Feeling
their beauty
 Burning  Like Fire  behind  my  eyes...


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Closeted Dream

The storm 
arose in his mind.
A cloud spoke

'it's your turn to die!'

the rain wept
while the sun hid
in the honey of space.



Thank you. !

I thought I would pick one, ( or two, I might add another), of my favorite poems from last year
and post them here ( where they might be seen), for my new friends and followers of my blog.

...And it's sad that how much knowledge we have makes such a difference in how we think.

Here's always there so why believe anything? So what if I don't believe in anything I can still believe in believing in something that I don't believe in. I hadn't been myself and then I felt what I believe, believing in what I didn't believe in, but now wasn't always behind me, and all that time, had I believed what I didn't believe in,  I might have laughed, and had I died first and could choose again, I might rather die believing in something that never happened, that I didn't believe in, than being sure that nothing would happen at all

( re-post)

How Much Is It Worth

How much is it worth ?
not counting money

If I think I can talk
like a friend to you
and laugh cry or smile
for us
and you

but then it's only me
trying hard in this way
to say

to listen to you
as if I knew
you could really love me.

    - End of Reposted Poem-

We are surrounded by extra-nuclear forces ...

 and things are   NEVER   as  they    s e e m !

She is everything
but how much is that worth?
I stare
into her magnificent eyes
I am bling
just staring
as she burns through my lenses
so strong is her heat

I feel her breathing back

The penetration lights
infernos inside me
as she brands me
with the iron of her
inexplicably delicious

and as a bridge worker            working  out   at   the   end   of   the   beam
to a  b u i l d i n g

 in the stink of a thigh
flies my stink

and under a Freudian Slip
died my quip the blink of an eye


*I'm tempted to add something but decide not to.
* title changed 5 hours after publishing

1.Original title was: 'In the Stink of a Thigh'
2."under a Freudian Slip ", "in the blink of an eye" &
    "in the think of a why" were added 2 days after posting
     in an attempt to make sense of a  "cleaned up" & "revised " version
     of the original poem which ended in a coital double orgasm..
3."dies my quip" replaced the original ending line: " flies my stink"
4. Some other rhyme replaced  idioms for
    "in the blink of an eye":
5. numerous other changes were made on the 3rd day when she rose.
in the pink of a sky

in the drink of a rye
in the wink of a bi
in the kink of a tie
in the shrink of a high
in the dink of a guy
in the ink of a dye
in the mink of a pie
in the think of a why

Added approx: 3:47 PM April 6, 2011 - and changed numerous times thereafter...
 In the two days following the original post, I lost a couple of followers because of the 'vulgarity' in this post. I won't be changing my words in the future due to the potential damage from some perceived vulgarity or crudeness. That said, most of my posts will be PG with an occasional

  Thank you for bearing with me during this expression of sensuality. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Moon Shines From The Inside

The Moon Shines From The Inside

those in whom love grows

Her voice
now ever strong
casts past the dark shadows 
with awakening sounds
that ring out loud
from the deep of her body

In a time gone by
the river moon
 that swims so peacefully now
was besieged and battered
and swam frantically
 left scarred in a
hypnotic introspection
with the sea

But now sings
a rhapsodic harmony
of the mesmeric glow
that shines from
 within her

She beams through the darkness
to rekindle in others
 the flames
of eternal


Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Pet

Traveling at
light speed
without direction
the product of a creation
that bedazzles and befuddles
that gives birds 
branches to sing on
and gave me the ability to pretend
it's OK living without you

that lets me tell you
I love you more now
than forever
now more than
ever before

I beg
to be drawn back
into your mysterious
to ride on the center
between gravity.

    an incomplete disaster


Friday, April 1, 2011

Inside Her Atoms

Time has slowed to serenity
opaquely seeing

the fireballs
dance around me
in a new world.