Monday, March 7, 2011

When We Talked About Whatever

only after closing our eyes
 could we finally see each other

and for the first time
 we realized
 that the empty space between us
was the place
for everything to become beautiful



Peachyyy said...

I love all your poems :)
Great stuff!

roseanna2u said...

I love this so much! <3

Pip said...

Sooo beautiful! Where did you find the picture? I love it! X

rivercat said...

Thanks pip, it's a painting I made to go with the poem. Really more of a sketch but sometimes enough Thanks for visiting :)

Heather said...

So true.
We spend too much time speaking with words, and never enough speaking with our hearts.

Anonymous said...

Stephen oh Stephen
you little devil you ,this fame in creation is so rewarding and touching

Martina said...

if this poem is yours I must admit you were touched by god or devil, wonderful

rivercat said...

ha ha if those are my only two choices I'll choose god. I wrote this poem last night. It was like a branch that fell off my previous poem... maybe more like a limb that grew and was too big, i dont know. .
I've always loved Spain, even though Ive never been there. Thank you for the nice comment :)

Brittany said...

And it would be beautiful and extraordinary.
Two diamonds sparkling as one.

Thanks for this, It was wonderful to read.

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Rivercat, you keep on writing like this and I would likely fall in love with you. :)
Spain? My father's homeland. It is a place you will fall in love a thousand times over.

Anonymous said...

i love it... the words are so real that i wish the person i love will say something like this to me too.

p.s. rivercat, that anon commented the same thing to my post (i can be the pillow.....) except he/she added "oh Rob is same person ,just different freaky user name"

what the hell?! looks like someone's angry on you. hehe... you have any idea who? and hmmm.. am i your only follower who gets comments like these? please answer. thanks :)

Akeith Walters said...

well done.

Anonymous said...

ok. thanks.

rivercat said...

thanks akeith,heather,rose, peachy, pip, brittany,haze, martina, and psycho for the nie comments.. you are all amazing and i do read and love what you write.

ok psycho,:) i will use that provocative icon for my motivation when I get back home and write something...using this tiny thing to type is no good for anything but comments.

Haze, i dont know who that anon is and i dont care except that it bothers me he is posting at your blog and annoying you. I wrote you a post on your blog and explained how I deal with 'anons gone wild' :)

zonedin said...

I love this simplicity, that we have that space between and we can relax and know there is nothing else we have to be doing. We don't have to be in an interlocking embrace to feel the most amount of love.

Trickie said...

I stop by your Blog and I am always delighted. Your words together are just beautiful.
Come to Spain. Psycho is correct. It is a lovely place to fall in love.

Anna Sergi said...

The place for everything to become beautiful exists only when two persons are the 'everywhere'.

rivercat said...

zoned- thanks :)
anna-right now im in the middle of nowhere, and everything is whatever :) but the poem is just about agreeing to talk about something that had earlier been mutually put on mute, but still unresolved, so i guess that could be related to your thought about there being an everywhere openness or whatever:)

trickie-thanks :) i will get there eventuallly. spain, austrlia, france, and china are on my to do list.

Diablesse said...

Beautiful poem Rivercat
I hope that space in between becomes beautiful, because more often than not, it widens and becomes to wide to beautify.
Your poem gives hope, the picture makes you believe it.

zonedin said...

Beauty is as wide as your mind and as immense as your heart..... I just thought of that;~)

zonedin said...

Oh yes, and how about deep as your soul.

rivercat said...

Thanks Diablesse, your namme reminds me of that old black&white, Les Diaboliques becuase of the sound. In the poem the closing of the eyes represents them looking at the reality of the situation in relation to each other and knowing they could work it out. That is not always the case.Probably a third of all relationships start with the parties being too far apart to begin with and the flutters are driving the ship wherever it may go but ultimately, the relationship ends if they realize they are at different places inside after the initial buzz subsides a little. Sometimes it never does and I guess those are the ones you see together in the nursing home holding hands. I Dont really know a lot about it, just what Ive experienced so far.
This is a generalization, but it seems to me that often women are more mature than men that are the same age.

zonedin, that first one is a beautiful line and straight from the heart too. Second one's ok too :)

Anonymous said...

No we didn't. It's just lack of the time.
But we'll come back soon - I hope :)

rivercat said...

hope so too
and I know what you mean :)


You are there dot on your goal. Small but beautiful. Successfully telling what is not told.To see more with closed eyes infers subtle imagination.

Nicole✗✗ said...

That is extremely beautiful!!!

Thanks for the follow!! I'm following you!!

rivercat said...

thanks nicole, that was a well written movie review. :)

Anonymous said...

silly little rob! stop the sweet comments and poems on my blog! haha... you make me blush all the time with your poems and my name on it. silly :)

rivercat said...

dont worry my dear, ive finally run out of words that rhyme with haze :)

Alyssa said...

I've read this post every day for the last 3 days since I found your site.... It speaks to me and it makes me feel better and understand. thank you for writing this.

rivercat said...

hi alyssa,
i was hoping these words could be applied to a few different situations and that somebody might be able to get something positive out of them. Thanks for commening , thanks:)

Anonymous said...

@rivercat. haha! thank goodness (joke!). but thank you anyways for the poems. i really appreciate it a lot!♥

Meg said...

Lovely poem,I appreciate it a lot,thanks!
Follow me,if u like,on!

rivercat said...

o haze, sweetest of all doves,
if we can survive that anon attack, nothing can destroy us :)

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I ching is cool but it seems beyond my comprehension :)

love the poems and thoughts you have on everything. I will never understand how anyone can keep up so many blogs. Its nice to be reminded of the potential of the brain and body working so well together.