Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Voice From Inside The Painting

I'll never forget the first time I heard her
she said " Excuse me, can you help me ?"
those six words
spoken with a sweetness I had never heard
how beautiful they were to me
at that moment
and from that
moment on

How they sank so gently into my soul that day
along with her smile and the kindness in her eyes
feelings that make me want to always be near her

and I can still hear the words now
and will always feel them in my heart forever
because some things never change
and some feelings never go away

Because she's everything
there could ever be, and a million times more...
And I feel her soul stirring my insides
shaking my bones, and spreading
over me like melting butter every time I think of her.

    Yes I love Her

Can you see how happy she makes me?

  That's me running my fingers through her hair
   And it all began with those six little words she said to me...

   when I first felt the wondrous alchemy of her consciousness
 glistening in the air as she spoke

 and my spirit began soaring
because I knew she was the one!

and I could feel her words nestling comfortably,
affectionately, lovingly, and  passionately
into the core of my being

as if they had been there
   for an Eternity .



Anonymous said...

Because she's everything
there could ever be, and a million times more..

oh, this is sooooo sweet. my heart melts as i read this and i don't mind reading over and over again. ah! this girl, the one that you always think about, God she's lucky. does she have a blog?

p.s. i love the little hearts. did you forget how to do it?! arggh! ♥

dead-girl said...

i love this it is beautiful the painting and your poetry fits so well together.You could write a book. It would be so romantic. said...

"I feel her soul stirring my insides... shaking my bones." Verrrry nice.


roseanna2u said...

"because some things never change
and some feelings never go away"

I love this and hope it's true. <3

Nicole✗✗ said...

Oh wow!! This is so amazing! "Because she is everything," beautiful!!

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Awww ... spoken like a true romantic.
Beautiful. As usual.

Beyond said...

Rob your words stir the emotions out... and here I speak.

I love to remember our days in a paradise,
I never took you for granted and you always looked nice.

My heart sings songs of happiness when I'm in your heart,
And cries out for your love when we are apart.

I just need you to know that I always am here,
I will never leave your heart nor create any fear.

You gave me your heart and I gave you mine,
I hope that you love me till the end of time.

I want to die in your arms in a cabin by the woods
If I had one wish, I wish that I could.

Trickie said...

"And I feel her soul stirring my insides"
Such lovely words. You need to have loved someone so fully to truly understand what this means.
Your love brings out the depth of your soul.

Anna Sergi said...

I want someone who writes these things for me as well :(

rivercat said...

I was a little worried that someone might think I was mocking romantic love in this post. I wasn't, but it could easily be seen that way if you tend to be cynical. I was just wondering after I painted this ( FWIW, the faces are only 1/2 inches big in the actual painting. its a 5'x4' painting of a bunch of fully clothed girls on a beach and this is just a cropped close up of 2 of them) why I painted these two
lovers expressions with one looking more infatuated than the other) and I realized it was probably related to how some relationships are just like that. I think of myself as a broad spectrum bipolar romantic.
All of you inspire me to learn about writing, thinking and reading. I have a sense for music and art but not writing yet.
I am amazed how everyone is so different and I get a sense, even though I don't know any of you, of each of you as very strong and talented individuals. Thanks for all the comments. I may have wanted to say something else but completely lost my train of thought.:)

O haze ,good idea, the little hearts look better :)

beyond, what a a beautiful poem :)

To Hiroko, my email friend from Japan, Thank you for your kind words about my blog. My thoughts go out to you, Yoshiko, and your Mom and all the people of Japan during this crisis

The Dreamer said...

that's so beautiful <3

zonedin said...

I like the "fingers through the hair" part..because I love when someone does that;~)

juniper said...

the first words always ring truest in your mind. his were "what are you doing here?" and i think i know the answer now.

she is lucky, luckier than i am. x

rivercat said...

visiting your blog reminds me that this world is a good world full of joy and wonder and incredible people that seem to have super powers like you :)

juniper said...

haha, i think you give me far too much credit. your blog is different than others, in a good way. like being thrown into autumn after years of scalding summers. and that's a good thing. xx