Friday, March 4, 2011

The Pepper Fish

Untangling trawling eyes
the nets unfold
and each is sorted by name
sword and salmon

We move quickly still through each other
rewarded by the likeness of our scale
as my love tears through the milky wrapping
releasing the sweet smell of a world all its own.



Anonymous said...

aww! rob! this is beautiful <3

roseanna2u said...

I love this. <3

Psycho Babbling Basher said...

This is some sensual post and I completely love the subtlety.

Brittany said...

I completely love this. a perfect description of the capture of two people becoming.

juniper said...

fish themes are awesome. that is all. not really; i love this beyond almost everything. x

rivercat said...

fish eyes are amazing. I hate going fishing but was forced into it as a kid. It seems brutal catching them with a hook, but wow if you think about it, thats how its often done..that and a lure! But im a hypocrite because I still eat tuna and flounder and other fish especially at restaurants. I'll eat them but I dont like to personally torure them i guess :)

juniper said...

haha, i know exactly what you mean. my nightmares are usually about fish, though. in large tanks, that overtake the horizon all cramped together with large cold clammy mouths and fins and bulbous eyes.

i can't eat tuna or salmon or any fish, really, if it still has its head on. it's quite freaky but i can feel the accusation in their eyes. :(