Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Kuruvinda,

                                 ...and in Her hands ( might )

She splayed thier legs
and let lightning
strike them

And as the thunder
rolled between thier chests
they felt the glaring
fire and their endless limbs

past the climbing hills of thought
and the shyness sunken in valleys

To rubies held under flesh
in their scarlet garden
unattached to preference
as the Hands of God
weigh heaven and earth



zonedin said...

I think it's lovely..I just feel all scrambled up now.

Whatever said...

Powerful yet peacefull.

Trickie said...

The closest to sensuality I have ever seen you write. Still "poetic justice" so to speak. Nice.

rivercat said...

Thanks all for comments. This was a kind of garden of eden concept but before man I guess. I was thinking about the urge to have sex as a spark put in by evolution. It's interesting to think about that sometimes. Also, yes, I can also see it as two people meeting based on sexual attraction, then being sparked into a more lasting kind of attraction.

Alcina said...

A very supernatural affect that it left on me.

rivercat said...

Thanks, I like your blog. :)

juniper said...

this gave me gooseflesh.
it's tastes of wrong in all the right ways.
and it tastes natural, which is always the best part.

your blog is amazing. x

rivercat said...

your blog is like being able to take a walk on the sun. Its such a pleasure to have found you. :)