Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Heart In Grey Matter

My brain is not grey
unless you drain the blood out

(but today it's a rainbow
in a full circle
like I see in your eyes
every time I look
at your smile it's
like being born again
every time I see it
it's amazing
being with you is
like walking easily up
a mountainside
and floating down
reaching through the sky
past Saturn and
playing at the beach
all at the same



Psycho Babbling Basher said...

Ahhh ... amore.

zonedin said...

I love every color of the rainbow (except baby blue...for some reason I don't like that, but I like other variations of blue especially blue-violet) And I love this poem too;~)

rivercat said...

psycho- you have a lot of energy,may i have some

zonedin- i am not a big fan of that ghastly weakling powdery baby blue but it can have its place when needed in a composition. But by itself and as a thing , it gross. i like a hint of green in my blue when i paint things where blue is prominent

rivercat said...

and thanks too :)